What a week...

We really should have known better than to try to produce the first editions of 2012 in a week which ends with a Friday the Thirteenth - not that we're superstitious, littlestitious or even remotely paraskavedekatriaphobic you understand, touching wood!
Well, last Friday was completely crackers with 40 adverts posted online.  Monday was reasonably busy, on Tuesday everything went pineapple shaped (that's 17 degrees worse than pears in case you were wondering) and pretty much stayed that way.  By dint of dogged determination, and previous experience of IT disasters, we ploughed through doing things by alternate routes and hopefully (except for the missing website obviously) most people remained none the wiser - until now.  Further contingency plans are now being devised.
You should already have your copies of CJS Monthly, CJS Weekly has finally gone to print, digital editions will be with you shortly and print copies on Monday.  This week it's 18 pages with 122 new paid posts of which 113 came direct to CJS.  There are also 12+ volunteer opportunities - there are lots more volunteer placement adverts to come in future weeks, not every volunteer advert received this week is included, otherwise we'd still be typing them up!

Last Friday in the midst of the advert mayhem we heard the village fire engine go screaming out, the fire station is at the end of the lane leading to the CJS Office. Then we heard them coming back only to head off again, a bit odd we thought, they must forgotten someone. Turns out they were being filmed by BBC local news, the crew are trying to get our dinky little fire station into the Guinness Book of World Records for the smallest fire station.  It's only just big enough for the long wheel base Land Rover but it's a fire station and a busy little one at that. See the news report on the i-player here.