Oh dear

We really thought 2012 was going to be better than 2011.  Well, not so far!  Last week we had all the IT problems (which so far seem to be over - for now!) and this week KH was pushed off a short flight of steps by Finnegan the Foolish Hooligan (the Irish Wolfhound) which resulted in a trip to A&E and is now on crutches  - again!!   You don't realise how often you go from one side of the office to the other until you can't, my desk has disappeared under a sea of paper and files which haven't been put away, just in case they're needed again.

Monday sees the start of the Chinese year of the dragon, apparently a year of powerful changes.  The CJS Team is really hoping that these are all for the better...

Another busy week, lots of jobs posted online, 16 today alone (so far).  As part of the team sharing and co-operation ethos AW is putting her first Weekly online she's found it's changed a lot since the last time (a few years ago).  We picked a nice big one to start with! 20 pages long with 76 new paid posts of which 63 came direct to CJS plus 24 adverts for volunteers, not too much news this week but it does have the Training Calendar for March.  Paper editions are now rolling off the printers and the digital edition is in progress - it will be live soon.