Big Garden Birdwatch

What a wonderful Sunday morning, the dulcet tones of Sir David Attenborough as he chose his desert island discs, a weather eye on the scores from Melbourne (six hours, wow what a match), lots of tea and toast and a garden full of birds.

Here's what we saw:
Chaffinch, 17; Greenfinch, 9; Goldfinch, 3; Siskin, 1; House Sparrow, 9; Dunnock, 4; Coal Tit, 1; Blue Tit, 3; Great Tit, 2; Long Tails, 2; Robin, 3; Wren, 1; Blackbird, 2; Wood Pigeon 1; Collared Dove, 1; Starling 1.  Which makes 16 species so we're quite pleased about that although the Tree Sparrows didn't show, neither did the Nuthatch or the Song Thrush.  The numbers of each, especially the finches, were much lower than we were expecting, a hoard of Goldfinches arrived just after the hour was the up!