Volunteers Week 2020

This year the NCVO the organisers of Volunteers Week have taken the difficult decision not to go ahead with all the usual things for Volunteers’ Week.  Their focus is on supporting volunteers to take on coronavirus-related volunteering roles to help communities cope with the many consequences of coronavirus. 

However, that does not mean that volunteers are no longer important even though they may not being carrying out the things they normally would. Once the countryside is opened up again and lockdown mostly lifted the work of the many thousands of countryside voluntary groups will be needed more than ever.  Despite the current restrictions and limitations enforced on us social distancing and working from home there are still many things you can be doing to help our countryside and conservation organisations, especially the charities many of whom are struggling with significant financial constraints as so many events and fundraising activities are not compliant with current rules and have had to be postponed or even cancelled. 

What can you do?
  • Many organisations have been able to convert their activities to fit in with working from home. You can see what's currently available on the Volunteering From Home pages.
  • Most of the wildlife recording programmes and citizen science projects are still accepting, and indeed welcome, records, to see these start here.
  • Find out about Volunteering by dipping into our library ofin depth articles about volunteering covering everything from the benefits of volunteering to how organisations can best set up volunteering programmes. 
  • And see which organisations are operating in your area and what types of volunteering they offer here.