Supporting Environmental Education in Schools: the role of NAEE

Kenrick sponsored environmental investigation at Martineau Gardens, Birmingham. 
A connection to nature is more important than ever in these trying times. Environmental education in schools is a must. Since the 1960s the National Association for Environmental Education (NAEE) has been a key organisation specifically supporting the work of schools and teachers. The development of environmental education in schools has not been smooth. In the 1970s a range of innovative A level, GCE and CSE courses in environmental science and environmental studies were developed. Following the introduction of a centralised national curriculum in the late 1980s, environmental education’s specific curriculum area was lost. In many schools, however, it survived, and continues today. Although the national curriculum encourages a study of climate and biodiversity, this is very limited and much of it is optional. NAEE supports the calls for this to be a core part of every young person’s experience of school. 
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