Bring your dog to work day - the working from home edition

Are you at work? Are you working from home or are you being recalled to the office?

Today is an unusual bring your dog to work day.  As many of us are working from home or are still on furlough our dogs have become used to having their human family at home pretty much full time.  In the early days of lockdown nearly three months ago (doesn’t it seem much longer than that?) most dogs were overjoyed to have everyone around all the time, so much so a dachshund called Rolo actually sprained his tail from too much wagging (story can be read here). Then, in time our canine companions became accustomed to having a full house and many began to seek out their own space again; asking to be left in peace and quiet for an hour or two to get back to their regular routine of a snooze, a sniff, a bark and back to snooze again, unless you pick up a lead or rattle a dish of course!  But now many people are looking to go out again and thinking about heading out all day and this will be as big a change as the initial lockdown although probably a far greater upheaval for our dogs. Which means that now is the time to start preparing our animals, it's not just dogs, for when we eventually leave them home alone again.  RSPCA has a good basic guide (for all ages at all times) about getting your dog ready to be left alone and Dr Chris Muldoonof Dogs for Good talks about how to ease your dog back into your working routine.  Insurer Agria's Trainer and Behaviourist, Carolyn Menteith explains what separation anxiety is and how to try to prevent it from happening.
Here at CJS our Office Dogs: Dido, Hester and Flora are among the lucky canines that get to go to work for their bonios and to be with their person (that's me) all day, however they do occasionally get left home alone and they are used to being 'put to bed' and left with those bonios that they've earned doing all that filing.