Photo clarification

A few people have contact us to ask for more details about what's happening with the photo competition and sending images.
Even though we've paused the competition you can still submit your photos for future categories, make sure to say which theme they're for when sending and we'll be certain they're considered when we get there, please send those to the address so they end up in the right place.
As for the cheering up photos, anything and everything is welcome, it doesn't have to be specifically UK simply anything countryside / wildlife related that might raise a smile - you can send these to or address. Please ensure you say they're for general use and not for the competition - although they can be both.
To start you off:  This lovely green and pleasant view was taken by Suzanne Lantos who took it whilst walking last weekend near Wellington Heath, looking towards the Malvern Hills.
Wellington Heath, looking towards the Malvern Hills by Suzanne Lantos