Normal life carries on - Easter eggs and country chickens

We might all be working from home but farm life carries on as normal, life for a hen hasn't changed and Amy's flock are continuing to produce lots of eggs, she says the big one on the top of the basket is a double yolker. The hens are all totally free range - as free range as you can be without becoming fox dinner - and as a result produce some of the most glorious and tasty eggs.
So what do you do with loads of eggs? And two junior Worleys in need of occupation?

At Green End you paint blown goose eggs, make quiche, brownies and cookies; 'persuade' Mum and Dad to take part in two sports days (they're on a hill, that must have been interesting; I'll bet adult races were uphill and children's ones down!)  including egg and spoon races of course and especially for Easter have an online painted egg competition!