An early birthday present - cheaper subscriptions.

An early birthday present - cheaper subscriptions.
CJS's official birthday is in July and we had intended to give everyone a 26th birthday present then but we could all do with a boost right now - so why wait?
We're reducing the price of CJS Weekly electronic subscriptions to 50p* a week and moving everyone onto email subscriptions (you can opt out).

Why are we doing this?
It was always CJS Founder Niall's aim to have a rate of less than £1 per week which we managed a few years ago with the 11+ digital copies option and now with improved technology and some new software it's cheaper and easier to email everyone.
Although you pay 75p a week (for digital) the Government takes 12.5p of that in VAT, but not for much longer; after a long campaign by newspapers and publishers the Chancellor announced in the last budget that the VAT element on electronic publications (that's books for your e-reader, newspapers online and electronic publications like CJS) will no longer be charged from December, until then we'll need to add it so it will actually be 60p per week I'm afraid but only for a few months.
We're simplifying rates too, no more two tier rate it's a flat 50p per week with a minimum subscription of 5 weeks, so that's £2.50. (£3.00 including the VAT).

Why would you want to subscribe when there's so much available free?
The Weekly edition has everything in one handy package saving you the trouble of wading through the website or even checking multiple sites and emails.  Although there are not many jobs right now each edition has lots of information, the week's news, features, training, volunteering from home.    And when it all returns to normal there's the lure of all those jobs!  many of which are not on the website and several are not advertised anywhere else.

Keeping CJS going during the lockdown
It's not easy we'll admit that, searching high and low for jobs, sourcing information for the website, little to no income like so many other SMEs and rapid adjustment to the new remote working practices.  However, one subscriber emailed us last week to say: "Thanks for keeping CJS Weekly going in these difficult times. The additional articles and news are really useful and I've actually got a chance to read them all as work isn't so busy at the moment." And that's all the reason we need.

In case you're not sure, for this week only we're making CJS Weekly open access, you can download a copy here:

And finally we received this lovely message on 27 March just as the covid lockdown realities began to bite, it could not have come at a better time, it gave us a reason to keep going:
Hi kind folk at CJS,  
I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic service you provide and for carrying on during this really difficult time. 
It is thanks to you that a number of my friends have found amazing jobs. 
I recommend your services to others whenever I possibly can. 
Thank you once again, your hard work and brilliant information service for careers and training within the countryside sector is very much appreciated.  
Take care of yourselves

We'll echo that: take care, be well and let's keep the countryside thriving.

Please note: Group subscriptions (5 or more readers) will also be transferred to email and again can opt out.
No change for postal copies.
*50p plus VAT until December