These boots were made for walking

And that's just what they do
One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over…
Well, that's up to you.   

However, these particular boots regularly tromp across the North York Moors, usually the bits closest to home on our morning dog walk (we are so lucky and don't let us ever forget).
They also take us to the village Post Office some lunch times to pay in the few cheques we receive and to purchase vital supplies like milk; if it's not too busy (or my head is frazzled) we might just take the long route - over the moors and across the river before back into the village calling in at the Post Office and finally heading back to the office, in other words a three mile detour!! And in the process tick off four of National Walking Month's #Try20 tips to add 20 minutes of walking to your day. 
I'm not sure we need any tips to help us add more walking to our day, research by the University of Liverpool published last month showed that dog owners are more likely to get the recommended 150 minutes exercise per week exceeding non-dog owning people by an average of 2000 steps and 13 minutes per day.  However, we do spend far too long sitting starting at computer screens - don't we all? - so anything that encourages us to move is good thing, which is one of the major aims of National Walking month organised by Living Streets (who celebrate their 90th year this year).  They have plenty of suggestions to make it easy to build a little extra exercise into your day, from taking the stairs or a two minute walking break every hour (I like the idea of that one) to taking a walking meeting (works really well for bouncing creative ideas apparently - maybe not so good for discussing the end of year accounts or anything that requires lots of paperwork) as part of their Walking Works programme which aims to embed the culture of walking into workplaces.  More information here.

Later this month (20-24 May) is Walk to School Week.  Living Streets say: "Each year we develop a new five-day walking challenge aimed at primary schools - the perfect activity to take part in during Walk to School Week. This year the challenge will get to the heart of walking and how it can benefit the whole community as well as improve individual wellbeing." More details here.

BTW: I'm not the only one with boots, Office Dog Dido has her own as well, to help deal with some dodgy toes.  Last month she starred in the Shooting Times with her boots. See her in her boots.

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