CJS Birthday Wishes from RSPB

logo: RSPBCongratulations to CJS on celebrating 25 years of supporting and enabling people to find a volunteering opportunity or career in conservation.  The RSPB and CJS have worked together for many of those 25 years to promote volunteering and the importance and value of volunteering to nature conservation in the UK and indeed to the health and wellbeing of those you regular donate their time and talents to saving nature.   
There is a quote that says ‘A civilisation flourishes when people plant trees under which they will never sit’.  CJS has played a key role in enabling and empowering many people to do just that and hopefully will continue to do so for the next 25 years.  Happy 25th Birthday from the RSPB.
Alan Murray, Head of Volunteering and Employee Engagement at RSPB

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This month those lovely people at RSPB have given us a bundle of Conservation Handbooks to giveaway. They cover a wide range of subjects so you can opt to go into the draw for each one.  We'll continue drawing until all six have found new homes.

  image of RSPB Conservation books    image of RSPB Conservation books

logo: RSPBThe RSPB have advisors who speak to hundreds of land managers every year, supporting sympathetic land management. But they also offer a wide range of land management handbooks, available to buy. These comprehensive guides have proved incredibly popular over the years, benefitting a wide range of species. If you're already managing for wildlife or you're keen to start, the handbooks provide a valuable reference point. While titles are mostly agricultural (lowland farmland, farm wildlife and fen management) the offer also includes other handbooks (heathland, mineral extraction, saltmarsh, wet grassland and woodland).

An advisor recently noted that; As an agricultural advisor, I have found having a few of these books worthwhile. You never stop learning and if you have an interest in land management, so much the better. While stocks last, the books are on offer at the very special price of £5.00 each + p&p (£2.61 for 1-2 books or £6.16 for >2 books). Read more.

The 2019 RSPB Land Management Training Programme is also available. These courses are delivered by experienced advisors who draw on techniques developed across RSPB reserves and cost £120 plus VAT unless otherwise stated. This is inclusive of refreshments, lunch and course materials which typically includes a handbook. Read more.

How do you win the books?  Simply send us your name and email address (use the form here) and after the closing date,  7 June tick as many of the books as you like the sound of and we'll pull the names of the lucky winner out of a hat (OK, use a random number generator but you get the gist!).