You all know don't you?

It has been a very quiet week, I'm sure you like us all to get caught up with our in-trays when the boss is away.
As you know KH on holiday, we look forward to hearing what she's got up to.
TB returned home from holiday, apparently it was very hot but she'd had a nice time and all the equines survived without event, she'd even had two long awaited jobs carried out for her whilst she was away.
AW could do with more sleep as youngest snotty thinks it's essential to get up at 5.30am. According to dairy men it's the best part of the day she says!!
HB, who's been here all week would quite like to clean her house please and next week may have a couple of hours of to do just that.
The Weekly has gone to press, there are 12 pages this week with 31 new paid posts of which 24 came direct to CJS  and 10 adverts for volunteers. It has been busy on the news front with six pages of news contrinuted to by the rumbling on of the badger debate.