Winter is here!

This morning there was a beautiful very heavy frost across the village which took a long time to lift, some areas were still white over after nine (didn't check much after that, just stared at the computer screen!).
The birds were queueing up for the feeders this morning and during the day have munched nearly two lots of sunflower seeds and half a dozen or more fat balls and the feeders need filling again, I think it costs more to feed the birds than the dogs.  However, the hoards did include two nuthatches, so were right and we can update this year's lists to confirm two individuals.

Mid-morning and we gave in and lit the woodstove for the first time this winter and declared the season well and truly open.

First firing of 2012
The first firing has to be a hot burn to retemper the metal so we've had the ticking and creaking from the box accompanied by the unmistakeable aroma of burnt dust. This afternoon the window was slightly open!  He's a very efficient stove, even more so now our new chimney sweep has put the grate together in the right order (the installers put it in back to front, oops).