Oh Finnegan not again

What a week. Blithering hound.  We couldn't get Finn's usual food so tried something the same but not quite - not a good idea.  He's spent the last week back at the vets after a high speed dash across the moors in the pouring rain on Monday night, he had treatment and came home overnight he went back for a check up and more drugs on Tuesday morning however by Tuesday afternoon he was an in-inpatient. He came home yesterday (Thursday) but today needed yet more, different medicine.  So I've been in and out again! Everyone's getting used to me not being here, I think I might go on holiday for a month...
I think the swallows have finally left, I've not seen any for two days but the garden is swarming with birds and even the marshy-willow tit turned up for a feed. The tree sparrows have returned, a big family of long-tails have a regular fly through and the nuthatch is a regular.  The squirrel tried its luck yesterday but Hebe turned it into a flying squirrel as it vaulted the six foot high fence.
Fortunately it's been quiet this week so it's a small CJS Weekly to be landing on your door mat on Monday (or in your in-box soon), it's 11 pages with 35 new paid posts of which 26 came direct to CJS plus 10 advert for volunteers and details of the latest additions to the online Training Directory.