The three Rs

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Today we took our cardboard to the local tip (sorry, municipal waste site!) for recycling and the used toner cartridges for dumping – we still can't find a way to recycle or reuse these. Counting up the packing boxes we've not been since before Christmas so that's not bad; we're lucky to have a suitable storage area. Anyway as we were empting the car a nice American lady approached us and asked if she could have a couple of the large big boxes as the family were "going home". So, four of the already reused boxes are now on their way to the States with a cargo of valuable family items. How's that for multiple use? These boxes started off life with a consignment of belt buckles from Taiwan (if we believe the printing on the outside) were reused to send us our paper, from London, and are now continuing on their journey.