Royal Mail: Postal Strikes looming.

Yesterday (7/6/07) 66% of the Communication Worker Union members voted to reject a pay offer from Royal Mail and in favour of a series of walkouts unless new talks can lead to a breakthrough.

If strikes do occur CJS will continue to dispatch CJS Weekly as usual although it may be collected late from us or delivered late to you. To avoid delays we would suggest that you transfer to web access, it's faster (available on Friday), cheaper (no p&p), easier (it's searchable for specific terms) and as you can view on screen or print chosen pages it's greener too!

As soon as we receive any information we'll pass it on to you. This will be through our website, on both News Releases and our blog (that's here!), and also in CJS Weekly. If you have an email address please send details to CJS then we can keep in touch with you even if the post doesn't.