It rained and rained and rained, and no power??

It rained and rained and rained

The average fall was well maintained

And when the tracks were simply bogs

It started raining cats and dogs

After a drought of half an hour

We had the most refreshing shower

And then the most curious thing of all

A gentle rain began to fall

Next day was also fairly dry

Save for a deluge from the sky

Which wetted the party to the skin

And after that the rain set in. Anonymous but believed to originate from New Zealand (it's pretty wet over there too).

However, I think CJS has escaped pretty lightly. A few leaky windows, a very soggy garden with two leaning apple trees. These were planted about four years ago and are growing well, however, a garage further down the road has been demolished which changed the path of the wind and after the battering of the last few days and standing in exceptionally soggy ground has pushed the trees sideways. We've hauled them upright-ish again and retied the tree ties but new stakes are going to be needed to counteract the new wind direction until the trees can put down their own anchoring roots. Fingers crossed they won't grumble too much.

Power out – what power out?

We came into the office today expecting to have to reset everything only to find the power wasn't cut at all! Still it was an interesting day, some of us had a day off and some of us held the fort by camping out in an office further up the valley. Still everything is now back to normal.