Rain (again), posties on strike & CJS Weekly.

We might not have pictures of several feet of standing water (thank goodness) but my, didn't it rain? – and the Met Office are predicting a load more so don't put the waders away just yet.

The leaning apple trees now have new stakes on the other side and are going to be slowly pulled upright again and then held there until they have grown new anchoring roots, I think some major pruning will be needed this winter instead of the usual trim and tidy. The good news is that the CJS office staff (and assorted livestock) seem to have survived the weather without too many problems – so far and fingers crossed for the weekend! And so CJS Weekly is now printing, this week's edition is 13 sides with 99 new paid posts of which 32 were sent direct to CJS. However, it is quite likely that postal copies will be delivered late. Today is the first postal strike over a decade with no collections or deliveries and although our mail is not collected until later in the weekend it is probable that dealing with the backlog will delay deliveries to you.