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Are you feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of "stuff"  on your increasing number of social media streams (has anyone worked out Threads yet?) and keep finding that the important things: the news updates, the announcements of policy changes and new funding available are submerged by a wave of funny cat videos and internet hacks?  We keep being told that doom scrolling is bad for us and constantly switching between twitter, facebook, tictok,  insta and friends  is impacting our attention spans so you're thinking about a digital detox but suffering from FOMO? Especially when you think about the perfect job that you're certain is just looming over the horizon, if you missed out on that one you'd be kicking yourself from here to Christmas.

So what can you do other than keep scrolling and switching?

Well if you don't want to miss conservation news, wildlife policy updates, ecology training and countryside jobs then we have the perfect solution.

One email straight to your inbox every week day evening with details of every single job posted to the website, the news headlines, updates on the latest training courses added to the Training Directory and an overview of any features published that day, in quick easily digestible format complete with links direct to the content so you can read more if you want.

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