Title: Now published: CJS Focus on Land and Habitat Management in association with the Landscape Institute

The lead article from the Landscape Institute discusses their recent ‘Skills for Greener Places’ report – the skills gaps and what’s needed to plug those gaps. The first job profile is of a Landscape Officer with a National Park Authority – find out about what the job entails and advice if you’re thinking of getting in to this work. Bob started as a trainee with National Trust for Scotland, he’s now in charge. Find out what helped him to climb up the career ladder. Lantra have covered some of the lesser-known jobs on the fringes of conservation, countryside & ecology – there may be something in there for you. Agricultural Consultant job profile from Jack who works at SAC Consulting -  with new government funding aimed at environmental outcomes, could this be a role to move in to? Tilhill talk about the timber industry, the roles therein and how people get in this kind of career. Our second Landscape Officer works for Warwickshire County Council, find out all about the job and the skills and qualifications needed to secure employment. As rewilding projects blossom and it becomes a more important part of land management, Ecosulis ask are graduates ready for work in this growing area. The Country Land & Business Association (CLA) employ lots of Rural Advisers – Helen is just one of them and she tells us about her job. Moors for the Future tell us more about the moorland habitat, the specialist management of this environment and the jobs involved. Wulf is a Senior Project Manager – Habitats at Thomson environmental consultants. He is busy but he took the time to tell us about his job, how he got there and to offer you advice for securing similar employment. And to finish, forestry can be managed for multiple purposes but is the work different for amenity woodland compared to production woodlands? Forestry England answer the question.  

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