Happy advertiser = warm glow in the CJS office

Infographic. Text reads: I wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone at CJS. Your journal has been a part of the 'rangering' landscape throughout my time in this field (which is a long time!) and I consider it to be the main, most reliable source of vacancies and related information for countryside professionals David Spencer, Lead Ranger, Conservation Access & Recreation (Land & Property), Yorkshire Water YorkshireWater c-js.co.uk/CJStestimonials'
We work hard to ensure our advertisers can easily place jobs with CJS, that adverts are promoted well and that ultimately the job is filled with the perfect candidate. 

So it’s lovely when all our hard work is rewarded. David is a Lead Ranger at Yorkshire Water and was kind enough to tell us we’d done a good job. 

Thanks for the pat on the back David. 

Read his words as well as many other testimonials at http://c-js.co.uk/CJStestimonials