Neurodivergence in the environmental sector

My name is Joe Harkness. I wrote the 2019 book Bird Therapy and have created a teaching resource book called Inside/Outside publishing with Routledge in August. I’m now writing a book exploring neurodivergence in the environmental sector; out in 2025, with Bloomsbury. Although I work in the education sector, I do write nature-themed books, and have ADHD myself. To highlight issues with equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) prevalent across your sector, I’m looking for contributors - people who are willing to share (anonymously if needed): 

  1. Any negative experience specifically regarding EDI in the sector. These do not have to relate to neurodivergence, I’m exploring all protected characteristics. 
  2. Any difficulties and barriers in accessing the sector in the first place (privilege, for example, when volunteering).  

These would be purely anecdotal and do not even need to name any specific organisations / employers. Some are keen to name-and-shame and that’s fine. There seems to be an awful lot of hot air when it comes to making the sector truly accessible and I want to challenge that.  

If you’re interested in contributing you can find me on Instagram and LinkedIn by searching for my name, or email me at