5 September: International Day of Charity

The United Nations established the International Day of Charity with the objective of sensitising and mobilising people, NGOs, and stakeholders all around the world to help others through volunteer and philanthropic activities.  The UN chose tomorrow, 5 September, to be the annual observance of this aim because it is the anniversary of the passing of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who for many people is synonymous with the act of giving and embodiment of charity.

Everyone who works within the countryside sector knows how important our charities are. That's one of the reasons why CJS offers free advertising in CJS Weekly, we'd much rather the charities spent their hard earned money (your generous donations) on actually conserving something than on splashy advertising. You're reading CJS, you don't need to be told how wonderful RSPB or your local Wildlife Trust is to make you want to work for them - you already know. 
During this past year we've seen many acts of charity both big and small, in the public eye and carried out quietly and unremarked.  We've looked to each other for support and comfort, we've found solace in the green spaces that surround us and smiled at funny wildlife videos and feel good stories. However, as is becoming ever more obvious, our charities are struggling as the impact of the pandemic and fallout from lockdown is felt, none have come through unscathed.  

CJS Featured Charity
Every year we have a 'Featured Charity' we highlight their work, support them financially and give you the chance to donate a few pennies to them every time you make a purchase whether that's a subscription or an advert.
This year it was The Mammal Society in the spotlight, they tell us about their year:
In what has been an extremely challenging year for everybody, we are particularly grateful to have been given the opportunity to be this year’s featured charity. Like many charitable organisations the MammalSociety relies on our volunteers, as well as donations, to keep us going. While many outdoor activities were put on hold during lockdown, we were able to put out a plea for more verifiers who could work from home and help us continue our work to record and conserve Britain’s mammals for future generations. Having had to postpone our main annual event of the year we felt fortunate to have been given a free platform from which to tell people about the Mammal Society’s work, get people enthused about using the Mammal Mapper app, promote the resources available on our website and to appeal for supporters to join us as members and/or donate. We believe that we have reached people who we may not otherwise have found and, importantly, people who are truly interested in supporting what we do and might even end up working with us in the future. This isn’t the end of our relationship with CJS and we look forward to working with you in the years to come.
Don’t forget to keep an eye on our website and social media during National Mammal Week – 23 October to 1 November 2020!

Nominate your favourite cause to be our Featured Charity in 2021
Their year is coming to an end and we're inviting charities and their supporters to contact us to nominate their cause to be next year's featured charity. Contact Kerryn with your suggestions and to find out what's involved.