Year of the Dog - what will next year be?

If you receive CJS Weekly by email you'll see that the file download link changes each week.  What you might not have noticed is that each year we have a theme for the words, we've used place names, animals, trees, names, plants and birds in alphabetical order according to week number; however, as I'm sure you can imagine, some letters prove harder to complete (twice over) than others and we have to get creative: for example in 2013 I couldn't find an English / common named plant beginning with V so plumped for mistletoe (Viscum album) and in 2015 our animal for X was the bonobo - because their behaviour could be considered x-rated! Despite the opportunity to include the lovely smiley quokka resorting to simian antics was the tipping point, since then we've not bothered following the alphabet but we have stuck with a theme, 2018 being the Chinese Year of the Dog our theme was all things canine and the passwords have ranged from kennel to Snoopy via boxers, clumbers (spaniel not park) and terriers.   

What will we think of for next year?   

You'll have to wait and see but to make sure you don't miss a single edition why not download our CJS Calendar for 2019 here (pdf)?

Our cover star (gratuitous dog photo!) today is Office Dog Hester, enjoying the sunshine earlier in the year.