On your marks, get set: Mammal Week starts….. tomorrow!

Next week will be Mammal Week, it's actually running for nine days from tomorrow Saturday 20 until Sunday 28.  The week is organised by The Mammal Society who are hoping to make this biggest week of the year for recording mammal signs and sightings.  To make it as easy as possible to get involved they have launched a new app: Mammal Mapper which has field guides to help with your identification and even if you don't actually see any animals the signs you do see, like mole-hills, can be recorded as well, they're just as useful in helping researchers know where animals are active.  Unlike some other recording apps this one is designed for you to use whilst you're out an about, logging what you see as you see it - no need to try to remember "now, where was I when I saw that rabbit?" as you recover with your cup of tea and a biscuit.
The app is free to download and available on android and iOS in app stores now, more information here.
Although if you don't want to take your phone with you can still send your sightings to your local recorder, or report them on the website.
As well as watching for mammals during the week keep your eyes open for a few promotional offers from the Society as well!