We're very proud (and consider ourselves incredibly lucky) to live and work on the North York Moors.

Here's just one of the many reasons why:
840, Leeds to Whitby, is this Britain's most scenic bus route? asks BBC News with a video report (here: https://c-js.uk/2IDcHiE) 

I'm sure we're biased but "yes, of course it is!" it's the one through Goathland (home of CJS) which is shown a couple times on the video, over the North Yorkshire Moors Railway bridge is the easiest to spot. Katie travels a chunk of this route every day to the office including the big downhill stretch with the bend in the middle, the bend is known locally as the Devil's Elbow and the hill is the Saltersgate so called because it was the route taken by the pack ponies transporting the salted fish inland for sale, i.e. the gateway for the salt.