Are you fed up of being asked if you want to stay in touch?

If you're anything like us you're receiving lots of very polite emails from people who send you newsletters or from membership groups asking if you really want to receive the email updates, all you need to do is reply or click here to confirm - this what's called positive opt in - no more auto-sign up as soon as you buy something, join a group, send an enquiry, download a free e-book etc..
It's all to do with the General Data Protection Regulation which comes into force on 25 May.  Its main aim is to give control back to citizens and residents over their personal data.  In a nutshell: it's your information and you should be able to choose what anyone else does with it, to see what any company or organisation has on file about you and if you don't like what they're using your information to do then you can tell them to stop and to delete part or all of your information.   There's a good outline of what it's all about on BBC Business here.
So why haven’t I received a 'stay in touch' email from CJS?
Simply because CJS has never had any hidden pre-ticked boxes and you have to confirm your address and that you want the daily email before we'll add you to the list.  If you receive anything from us you've asked us to send it to you and we've confirmed that before sending it.  CJS has always given you the power to check your data.  You can ask to see what we have on record about you at any time, to delete your information, tell us to stop sending newsletters and for paid subscriptions get a refund at any point.
Our Privacy Policy was short and sweet, 7 statements each with a brief, sentence long, explanation.
Now we've added in all the GDPR details it's three pages long!  And if you include all the information about Cookies and the links to the Privacy and Cookie policies of other companies that CJS uses to deliver our services it comes in at eight pages. So much for making things more clear and easily understood.
Despite me grumbling about wading through reams of paper and tripling the length of our Privacy and Cookies Policies GDPR is a good thing really, or it should be (sorry, I'm a bit of cynic when comes to red tape and big companies, for example the regulators themselves say they're not ready!).  Here at CJS we believe everyone should have had these policies and offered this as standard with your data long ago.

  • If you want to see our 'New and Improved' Privacy Policy it's here.
  • To unsusbcribe from any email simply click the link the footer (CJS Weekly readers reply and we'll refund your remaining subs)
  • And if you want to see your records with CJS contact us by email, phone or pen and paper, preferably by replying to something we've sent you so we know it really is you - you can't be too careful….