Today's the day: results day part two!

GCSEs are no less important than A levels and are also a stepping stone to the next stage of your education, but somehow the leap from school to university is seen (and feels) a greater one.
Despite that GCSEs are often more significant as it's these results that will show you where your strengths lie and help direct you into which career path might be the one for you.  If your heart's set on one path and your GCSEs in the core subjects are not as good as you'd like then now you know which areas you need to focus on, to work that little bit harder at.  If you have no clue what to do then look at which subjects give you the best results and consider where they might lead.  If you're reading CJS then chance are you're thinking about a countryside career, have a look at some of the job adverts (here) and see what qualifications they are asking for, then look at the Training Directory (here) and see which colleges are offering courses that fit the bill and check that your chosen A levels are the right ones.  Now is also a good time to start looking at what additional skills you might need and how you boost your CV before you've even qualified.

If you still thinking about your A level results read our blog with some hints and suggestions here (some of that advice is true for GCSEs too.)