A slight shuffle

Although some may say at last!
We've split CJS Online according to sector.
These are the divisions we're using:
Administration, support and publicity: all administration and support roles, public relations and fundraising plus visitor management.
Arboriculture: working with and for trees, woodland and in forestry, includes tree nursery.
Community and Volunteers: projects looking at community involvement and countryside volunteer management.
Countryside: Ranger posts, including those in greenspace and urban parks and estate workers. You'll also find vacancies for countryside officers, rural policy makers.
Ecology: roles covering ecology, biodiversity, mitigation, consultancy roles e.g. Ecological Clerk of Works and advice provision also fieldwork such as bat surveys and EIA.
Environmental and outdoor education: interpretation, field work tutors, public engagement, adventure activities instructors also higher and further education roles.
Horticulture: gardening and plant health vacancies.
Rights of Way: access and all public rights of way related work.
Wildlife work and animal care: wildlife projects dealing with one specific species, working with animals such as wildlife hospital workers. also animal handling e.g. zoos and aviculture.
It means that if you're an ecologist you no longer need to wade through environmental education roles.
The regional split is also still there so you can look close to home too. See more here.

So why has it taken is so long?
Originally Countryside Jobs Service was just that - jobs for countryside staff and it was more important to find a job in the right location, all the jobs we advertised were pretty much within the same sector so it didn't matter.  However, over the last year or so the spread of adverts on the website has changed dramatically and now there are enough across the various sectors to make it a sensible development.  However, the countryside page is still the biggest / longest.
If you'd like more jobs in any one sector or think we should create a new sector do let us know.

Changes to daily email
And whilst we're talking new developments we have changed our daily email provider recently.  the new provider has a different set up so we've updated the daily newsletter too; it's a cleaner, more up to date looking email.  If you don't get our daily emails you can sign up here - it's free, no obligation and we won't pass on your details so it's spam free too!