Now published: CJS Focus on Volunteering in association with the National Trust

National Trust demonstrate how volunteering really can secure you paid work in this sector, they profile several people including Jane Lancaster who is now a Coast & Community Ranger after a 20 year career in banking. Through a Volunteer Internship Programme RSPB have successfully trained people they then go on to employ, a great way of ensuring your staff has the skills you want. North Ayrshire Council has started to run an Apprenticeship programme which trains participants up for a year. Feedback from staff has been largely positive; one staff member stating that the training process has encouraged them to refresh knowledge & therefore benefitted their own CPD. iRecord is run by the Biological Records Centre, we put together a short article about some recent developments for iRecord and the benefits science of this form of data gathering. Conservation workdays are a fun way to get outdoors and meet new people but did you know they can actually help you gain paid employment in the countryside sector? Jackie Kemp describes his journey from volunteer to Seasonal Project Leader with the National Trust for Scotland. In 2012 the Land Trust wanted to improve Liverpool Festival Gardens and boost the park’s group of volunteers; they created the Green Angels scheme, which has gone from strength to strength and has shown that tailored schemes can really make a difference to a specific area and its people.  Read it here