Normal service resumes.

Half term is over and the office is as busy as ever.
Plenty of training course information is pouring in and the Training Directory is gradually being updated. Job adverts continue to keep arriving and the Jobs Online section is constantly changing and this week's edition of CJS Weekly is 22 pages including the Work Days calendar for next month plus 45 adverts for paid posts and an additional 33 for voluntary roles.  We see many unusual ways of describing roles or attributes of the person being sought but this week one advert (for a Recreation Manager) has a new one - the applicant requires the "ability to 'pull a rabbit out of a hat'", budding prestidigitators should get their applications in now!

Lots and lots of enquiries by phone and email as well as contact forms from the website and yesterday we took part in the careers fair at Writtle College, they are the opposite end of the country from us so our presence was a virtual one and long conversations about starting your careers and useful skills were held via twitter.  The Focus information provided for Student Volunteering Week was also popular. Our web stats have some Himalayan type peaks over the past couple of days!

AW's family had a lovely time on their visit to The Big Smoke. Elder daughter met 'her' penguin, here he is: Ricky the Rockhopper, with a Humboldt for company and two fish-steelers aka a black-headed gull and grey heron
Ricky the Rockhopper at ZSL London
 And the younger was all agog over Dippy.
Dippy in the Central Hall at NHM
Although Mum and Dad were slightly concerned about the crush of people (it does seem a bit of a scrum in there!) and hands were very firmly held the whole time they were away.