Doodle Day

Do you doodle?
Most people do at sometime or another: on the phone while on hold listening to another round of canned muzak, in meetings, in lectures, waiting for computers to unfreeze, install more updates.... plenty of opportunity.
Today (Friday 5 February) is National Doodle Day so I had the brainwave of putting together a little gallery of our artistic meanderings and fired off this email:

But then the problems began - you see I just don't doodle!  I didn't realise until I began looking for scribblings. I draw with a purpose. I scrawl words.  I make notes.  But nowhere in any of my plentiful note books could I find pictures or even sweeping lines.
Other pieces of paper in the office are adorned with flags, little round blotchy swirls, feathery birdy things, blocked in letters.  A few preliminary squiggles made it up onto my pictures / ideas wall above my desk at home.

(there's a distinct labrador and hare theme there, I wonder why!!)
TB gave me her doodle, in her words "I scribbled this representation of my deepest longings on the bottom of a job ad."
Where's the sunshine?

So I thought if we can't have sunshine the next best thing has to be wine... So into the gallery went my winey wordart from the wall.
And here is the gallery of some of our collected doodles:

No, it's not just an excuse to waste some time and scribble away it's all in aid of a very good cause: National Doodle Day supports the work of Epilepsy Action which is the working name of British Epilepsy Association.  Epilepsy Action is the UK’s leading epilepsy organisation and exists to improve the lives of everyone affected by the condition. As a member-led association, we are led by and represent people with epilepsy, their friends, families and healthcare professionals.Epilepsy can affect anyone at any age and from any walk of life, and globally over 50 million people have the condition. Epilepsy Action is here to support people every step of the way through living with the condition.

This week's CJS editions

We've not been wasting all our time this week scribbling away, we have been busy putting together a couple of very large CJS editions.
Over the past two weeks sub-ed TB has edited and typed up over 200 job adverts.  Wow, we are all in awe (and dreading when she goes away on a well deserved holiday next month....)
CJS Weekly has gone to print with 27 pages and this week includes a monster 39 page CJS Focus on Volunteering - more on that next week when it's published online.

 Stop press - I did a doodle! 
The winey wordart obviously inspired (if that's the right word) so here's a CJS-y one...