Is it bedtime yet?

Normally we're not in the least bit bothered by triskaidekaphobia even on a Friday, it's just another day.
But this week?
That's turning out to be a whole different story...

I knew it was not going to be a good day when I got up to discover the aga had gone out and wood stove had only a few embers left - which fortunately flared into life with a little paper and kindling to warm everything up.  It's been an odd, busy week.  Monday saw the latest edition of CJS Focus published. Thursday it was the turn of just about THE biggest edition of CJS Professional we've ever published, that kept us occupied for several days.  HB's computer is suffering from a multiple personality disorder with internal temperatures ranging from-55 to a fiery +50 all at the same time.  It's either that or (more likely) it can't count, however the little fire symbols were rather worrying, but IT say it's fine, for now, but will change some pieces of hardware soon....  The fire extinguisher is on standby by the corner of her desk.

In the mean time there have been all sorts of odd little niggles - a recalibration of Facebook pages designs and the frequency of feeding posts out to personal profiles, google changing things again (600ish pages to be tweaked), the back room bits on the daily email going haywire and as we roll with the punches we become progressively more amazed at events both in and out of the office.  By mid-morning on Friday the bouts of slightly manic laughter were increasing in frequency and the desire for a duvet, a mug of something warming and a good book were getting ever harder to resist, but resist we did and despite it all our third publication of the week has gone to press.  At 21 pages this week's edition of CJS Weekly is slightly smaller but still significantly larger than last year's average size. It has 67 adverts for paid posts plus 11 voluntary roles.


Have you seen the advert that begins "Mum, there are penguins in my bedroom"?  It's been on the radio regularly but it was only the other night I actually saw it on TV and it's cruel!  Evicting all those lovely penguins, very nicely (I must admit) being ushered out by the boiler repair man - BUT, poor penguins, they're homeless again.  After being so popular over Christmas and welcomed into everyone's homes only to be turned out once it gets a little bit chilly.
To borrow from Dog's Trust: "A penguin is for life, not just for Christmas".  
So saying AW's elder daughter is going to meet her adopted penguin at the zoo over half term and is very excited, her younger sister is almost as excited about seeing Dippy (Natural History Museum's diplodocus) before he moves.