Um, wind, rain, flood....

It's been a little bit blustery and a wee bit wet and a rather high tide.  We're really glad we're on the hill with a moor peaking at 1000 feet above sea level between us and the coast 9 miles away.  Whitby took a bit of a pasting as the sea climbed out of the harbour and decided to explore the town, apparently getting over the sea wall was a little problematic so the waves took it down, along with the Victorian cast iron railings. The large Norwegian granite boulders installed a few years ago as sea defences did quite a good job of protecting the main cliff face although the sea did do a little housework and re-arranged a few of them - not sure we really need them on the slipway but if that's what you fancy we're not going to argue - at least not with you in this mood! (we'll move them back in a day or so when you're not looking). Although we didn't get wet we have taken a bit of battering with lots of bits of tree scattering the village however the village Christmas tree survived and was officially lit up last night - not many people went to watch the lighting up but AW and her two smalls were there.  There are a few tiles from the roof on the front path (builders already lined up for inspection and estimates next week), HB has discovered that the scaffolding poles on the shed have migrated next door, AW's smallholding seems to have escaped however her aunt was blown over whilst walking the dogs (no injuries just a little muddy).
There was a lull mid-afternoon just before the rain arrived, the sky turned yellow.
Looking north to Green End (and the coast)
Stunning clouds

It really was this colour, there's no photoshop not even an image enhancement - a most peculiar sky.

So, all in all we're pretty pleased to be have safely tucked up in our little office busy putting together the latest CJS Weekly, which this week is  14 pages long, seven of them news! the rest is filled with job ads, 30 for paid posts and 10 for volunteers. And the second pre-Christmas warning.  Paper copies have gone to print, digital ones are online and emails should be on their way.