Simply stunning

The sunrise on Thursday morning was amazing.  It started blood red before brightening to deep burnt orange eventually a pink glow suffused the whole sky tinting everything a delicate shade of pink - we really were looking at the world through rose coloured glasses.

It all changed quickly these (un-retouched) photos are less than 15 minutes apart and within another 10 it was all over.

During normal working hours we've been busy making preparations for the Christmas holiday close down and more importantly getting set up ready for January!   We're aiming to survive the first few weeks back and then to start implementing more of your suggestions from the reader surveys, we'll let you know which when they start happening.
However, one big one which we're announcing in Monday's CJS Weekly (ie today) is that as of January CJS Weekly will be published on Fridays.  CJS Weekly currently has a Monday publication date.  However, as it is now primarily an electronic publication and the majority of subscribers receive their copy (or are able to access their copy) on Fridays it makes sense to revert to a Friday publication date.  Yes, revert because originally CJS was published on Fridays but advertisers found it confusing when the newsletter wasn't received until Monday, back in the paper only days, and thus it was changed to Mondays.
For all practical purposes this is a cosmetic change only, there are no alterations to subscription or copy deadline and your copies will still arrive at the same time, Friday for digital editions and Monday for paper ones.
We're also reminding everyone that the office closes at noon a week today (yes, it's that close...) for two weeks.  Also that deadlines are slightly earlier than usual, subs to be received before 9.30 on Thursday and all copy for CJS Weekly before noon on Thursday.

All of which means that the penultimate CJS Weekly of 2013 is now closed and has just gone to press.  Digital editions will be live this afternoon and emails will be arriving in your inbox soonish.