Now published: CJS Focus on Alien Species in association with GB Non-native Species Secretariat

21 pages of articles and adverts about invasive species. NNSS give a general overview of the current UK situation, detailing prevention methods and long term management suggestions. They provide lots of useful links to find out more. Scottish Mink Initiative describes the work already carried out to reduce the numbers of breeding mink in Scotland, their successes so far and the hopes for the next stage of the project. This year Surrey Wildlife Trust ran an Invasive Species Month campaign, which proved very successful, Frances Halstead gives some details. The catchment wide approach to Invasive non-native species is described by the Medway Valley Countryside Partnership which has been running a management programme for over 10 years. In April 2014 five plants will be banned from sale in the UK, Plantlife discuss this proposed legislation and give some background on invasive non-native plants. Japanese Knotweed, you certainly don't want it on your site, Invasive Weeds Agency describe some of the ways to deal with this highly invasive and damaging plant and the costs involved. London Invasive Species Initiative give their opinion on why urban areas are more at risk from invasive non-native species (INNS). Although a standard site across the UK, the grey squirrel is an invader, Dr Craig Shuttleworth from Bangor University gives some history of the species introduction and the dramatic impact they have had on the native red squirrel. And last but not least, the next big threat is the Asian hornet, possibly winging it's way from France, this insect could pose even more problems for honey bees if it arrives. Gay Marris from the National Bee Unit gives details of its current distribution, the potential for it to make it across the Channel and identification details for you to look out for. Read it here