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Every two years we run our biennial reader surveys and they go live today.  What you tell us in these surveys helps shape the future direction of CJS, in the past you've asked for more wildlife jobs and we've done our best to source those; you suggested that we included news and more information so we did. We also ask for a little information about you, this is not data capture we're not going to start bombarding you with adverts or sell your details onwards; however, it does help us to gain an overview of you, our readers, and in broad brush strokes we can then give this to our advertisers to let them know that CJS really is the best place to gain access to the best qualified candidates.  If you'd like to know how we use the information have a look at the advertising section of the website, not somewhere job seekers usually look.
As if helping shape CJS was not enough we've got some incentives too! How does some free copies of CJS Weekly sound?  If you're fast and you're one of the first hundred that's what you'll get.  We also have a year's membership of Plantlife with all the benefits and an extra 2014 Plantlife Calendar and a copy of the British Wildlife Photography Awards collection 4 book jam packed full of wonderful images and inspiring text.

So top up the coffee pot, grab a biscuit (or two) and take five minutes to take our survey.

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