How did that happen then?

Where did last week go?  Somehow we missed the usual blog post - sorry 'bout that.
What have you missed - not much really, we've been busy with a slow computer (clean and defrag seems have worked), a CJS Focus (see Monday's posting for details) various projects including a full check of adverts in the Training Directory and we've had the builders in - that's not going well!
What did go well was Mr W's marrow at the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show, it came 6th out of 11 was the prettiest there and was only a few pounds off the third place.  it was so successful he's planning on doing it all again so the family saved from 70+lb of marrow dishes as the fruit is now being left to finish maturing so the seeds can be sown for next year.  However, all the other marrows that didn't come up to scratch are available to be eaten so AW is starting on the soup marathon, and the marrow loaf, and the marrow stew, and the stuffed marrow, and the marrow stuffed marrow......

The new Team members are settling in well and beginning to earn their bonios.
Dido is keeping an eye on the web backup.
They're also acting as an intelligence test for everyone else - we've taken their collars off so without the colour cues you have to work out which pup is which.  Dido's generally leggier and noisier (sorry for the grunts and squeaks in the background when you phone, although squeaky toys are now banned from the office) whilst Hester is chunkier and more placid, she also has a wavy band down her back.

Despite extensive testing our latest email address for sending out notices to subscribers didn't last long, within a week we got flagged for spam! So we've given up and invested in a new mail server meaning we now have two and run mail off three (google is the extra one).  there are notices in this week's edition.

And there in a nutshell is the last two weeks.
So to finish off this week, have a Weekly edition, of 16 pages this time with 37 jobs ads, 9 of them for voluntary posts plus the work days and conservation tasks happening in October.