And "SAVE"

After scorching temperatures and high humidity of the last couple of days the weather has broken this afternoon in spectacular style with thunder and torrential rain. Every time the heavens rumble or the lightning strikes someone (usually HB) calls out "Save!" - or least they did until it became an almost constant ululation. If it wasn't quite so warm (thermometer currently reads 24C) we would close the windows but that's just unbearable so we've got puddles on the inside windowsills. Office puppies Hester and Dido have been at work pretty much all week and have slept through the storm so no brontophobic dogs here thank goodness.
HB is not at work next week, I hesitate to say on holiday because it's the Week Before The Show, and as such her time off is going to be mostly spent in show preparations both for behind the scenes and also preparing entries; she says she's not going to enter every class in the home baking section but we'll see!  She does have a title to defend after all.  My garden is so far behind (even before the rain flattened it all) that I don't think I'll have a single entry and I'm not the only one I fear the produce tent may be somewhat sparse, I hope the baking and handicrafts make up for it.
It's a time for holidays, if the weather holds fair then TB is off on a day trip to pretty Helmsley on Monday, if it's still raining then she'll try again on Tuesday.
This week's edition of CJS Weekly has gone to press with 40 adverts for paid posts (29 direct to CJS) plus 17 for volunteers across 14 pages.  Digital editions are online and emails on route.