Spring Cleaning

Whilst everyone  was out enjoying the Jubilee, or at least watching it on TV (HM The Queen BBC, not HRH if you please!) we were using the lack of interruptions to tidy up the website a little.  Thanks to everyone who responded to our 1,2,3 surveys earlier this year.  We listened and have made a few changes.
Most people use laptops but smart phones and tablets are running them a close second so the page layout has been changed to reduce the amount cross screen scrolling required. But we think it still looks good (and works fine) on desktops and big screens too. The main items from the left margin menu are now in the header, which with a little juggling has remained the same size.
The link to the full job advert is now on the job title which is on the left of the screen, no need scroll across to the More button which has been removed, this was specifically requested by people using smart phones especially on Android OS.
Lots of you wanted to see the jobs in regions, we've done this for a while but unless you scrolled quite a long way down the page you didn't see the options so now there are links on every listing to the relevant region.
You also wanted to know when the advert was posted, so instead of the more button you'll see details of when the advert was posted and if there have been any significant updates the most recent will also be detailed here.  See the new CJS Online pages here.
A few people did ask us to include more about the news in the Daily Email, sorry that's one we're not doing, if you want the full news you'll have to subscribe to the Weekly edition or make the effort to click through yourselves.
We suggested introducing an app for jobs, this was evenly split between those who did and didn't think one would be useful.  So we've not ruled it out but have put it in the middle of the list of future projects, one day one will turn up - probably...
Weekly subscribers also helped us out. We learnt that you don't use the RTF files so we're not loading those to the website any more. You didn't want any additional formats either.  We like both of these a lot because it's one less thing to do on a hectic Friday. You also asked that we made it easier to renew your subscription, so we've added a Renew Here button on every page relating to the Weekly edition.
We've also moved a few pages.  The volunteers adverts are now part of the Jobs section rather than a sub-page of the Weekly and it's been slightly rewritten with links to other relevant pages. We've moved the voluntary practical work days from the Training Directory to the Jobs section too, again we think it makes more sense for them to be grouped there.
And that's it - for now.  There are more developments in the pipeline, including one important announcement to come on our Birthday in July.

If you've any suggestions about more changes, improvements or additions do let us know.