It's that time of year again...

Yes, that's right it's Wimbledon!
That means KH may have been here this week but only to make an appearance and cause chaos before disappearing back to the green courts of the All England Club courtesy of the BBC, not here at all next week. Supposedly spending mornings gardening and afternoon tennising but after all the rain the garden is a disaster area, plants growing where they're not needed and not growing where they should. And the soil is so wet it's not possible to do anything without damaging plants, roots and soil but at least in the big flower bed the plants are big enough to hide the weeds.  So mornings may end up being devoted theoretical gardening where the books are plundered for ideas and planting combinations before it's all put down on paper prior to a massive redesign - next year I think before then the ground conditions simply will not be conducive to a successful rebuild never mind digging up and replanting.
We've gone past a significant milestone this week, yesterday (Thursday) we tweeted our ten thousandth news tweet and the jobs stream is nearly at four thousand, not quite so many followers, both are at around the two thousand mark, slightly more for the news than jobs.
Our new revised advertising rates have just gone live, mostly stayed the same a few have actually decreased but lots of new options all taking effect from 1 July.  Additionally we've introduced some new recruitment services to the options available, such as using a PO Box number and getting CJS to acknowledge receipt for you, cutting down your administration.
And last but not least the latest edition of CJS Weekly has just gone to print 12 pages this week with 39 new paid posts of which 25 came direct to CJS, quite a chunk of new training course information and 16 adverts for volunteers.