Busy, busy

The CJS Office is back a full compliment of staff again, which is just as well as it's been incredibly busy over the last couple of days. Added to which we've started putting together next week's CJS Monthly edition and the deadlines for CJS Focus are drawing near too so it's a hive of activity.  Not helped by the fact that I'm one handed - thanks Finnegan - yesterday he pulled me into a door jamb at high speed and with great velocity.  Today my left hand (mouse hand, tea drinking hand, my everything but writing hand) is a purple paw with only basic functionality, you could call it Hand1.0 I suppose.  And in the midst of it all a Weekly edition is just about to go to print, a short one this week at 11 pages with 39 new paid posts of which 26 came direct to CJS there are 22 adverts for volunteers too.
Yesterday at lunch time there was a flash of slate across the field as a peregrine skimmed by heading towards the trees, over the last few months we've had more sightings of peregrines (and other raptors) than for a while. We're not counting 'our' owls in that.   Speaking of which Fat Wol has been on the wires for most of the day, driven out of her usual roost by the persistent precipitation and the blackbirds are driving us crackers with their constant shouting, I think they're having an alarm call relay, finish line will be dusk when either they give up (a loss for the blackbirds) or the owl moves (a win); the owl doesn't care either way because she doesn't take part in the race and will be heading off hunting when she's good and ready and not before.
Back to the hive...