Reasons to be cheerful

It's been grey, damp and miserable all week. So here's a pot of Cheerfulness to cheer everyone.

And now the sun's come out, it's making all the ponds, puddles and small lakes sparkle! Very pretty.
Although we're fortunate enough to be well above the flood plain, all the talk of flooding has worried HB's little girl, who was concerned enough ask what would happen to her when the flood came.  Promises of a swift exit into the loft seems to have done the trick and she's now puddle jumping once again.

Not enough cheerfulness?  Here are a few more reasons
A cuckoo has been heard in Ravenscar, a few miles down the coast.
AW's ewe has finally started producing milk so the lamb doesn't need bottle feeding any more.
It's been so wet it's brought our resident tawny owls out onto the wires earlier in the year than usual.
And best of all today is Friday so that means you receive your digital CJS, paper copies as usual will arrive on Monday (post allowing).  it's another big edition this week at 20 pages again, this week with details of next month's volunteer work days, plenty of jobs too with 61 new paid posts of which 45 came direct to CJS and by co-incidence there are 45+ volunteer placements too.

Have a good weekend all. We'll be back and still cheerful on Monday.