And finally for our helpful hints series a few guidelines.

A few guidelines to help you make the right impression:

1. Don’t phone or email if it says write.
2. If they ask for a SAE make sure you use the right size envelope with the correct postage.
3. Don’t send your CV unless it’s requested.
4. If there is a contact for informal discussion think about your questions before you pick up the phone.
5. If you phone for further details make sure you leave a clear concise message detailing exactly which post, giving any reference numbers, spell out any unusual words in your address and your post code too, you want the package to reach you and not Fred down the road.  It’s helpful if you leave a contact number then if there are any questions the employer can contact you for clarification.
6. Email addresses, many people have a quirky address which makes perfect sense to them but may not be easy for everyone else and your potential employer may think twice about taking on someone with the address fluffybunnies@emailbox
7. This is an application for your perfect job not a text to a friend, so keep it formal.

If you've any queries, questions or want some advice please contact the CJS Team and we'll do our best to point you in the right direction - but we won't write your CV or application for you!  That's what this series has been for...  We hope you've found it useful.. if you've missing any parts read it all online at:

So now we're done what would you like to see next?

Good luck in your job hunting.