A Day in the Life of Danielle Hearne – Deer and Antelope Keeper at Whipsnade Zoo

Image of a young camel nestled closely to an older camel. Text reads: Day in the Life of Danielle Hearne, Keeper at Whipsnade Zoo

The UN declared 2024 as the #YearofCamelids! In our latest article we hear from Danielle - a deer and antelope keeper at Whipsnade Zoo - gives us a peek into what it’s like looking after these wonderful creatures!‘Camels are one of my favourite animals to care for and work with. Firstly, they’re so striking to look at - they have broad feet to walk easily on desert sand, their eyes are framed by long eyelashes and their nostrils can be closed to protect them from the sand. They also have great personalities – the herd at Whipsnade are notoriously nosey, they’re always curious to see what we zookeepers are up to.’ To find out more, head here