Volunteers Directory: Citizen Science

With regret this week's CJS Weekly contained the last regular update on additions to the Citizen Science pages
During the quieter lockdown times we're reviewed website usage and as a result are retiring some pages and sections which are rarely used.  The Citizen Science pages will remain online until the next annual check at which time we'll delete the majority of the listings.  We are happy for species recorders as well as organisers of surveys and biobltiz type events to continue to send us details which we'll add to the website, share across social media and include in CJS Weekly , as before 50 words lists are free.  We are no longer actively seeking out and automatically adding listings.  However, we are delighted to recommend readers use the Nature Volunteers website which has a wide range of projects listed.   
You can read more about the Nature Volunteers website in this article or jump straight in: www.naturevolunteers.uk