Lockdown litter is an exacerbation of a national problem

Scotland is facing a litter emergency. Annual surveys carried out by Keep Scotland Beautiful have shown that litter levels have been increasing significantly, with 2018 being the worst on record in over a decade.

And while the challenging events of the last few months provided an opportunity for all of us to spend more time in our local area helping us to appreciate and value the places we live, it also gave us a unique opportunity to reflect on the declining environmental standards of our communities, to notice the litter and dog fouling that we might otherwise have passed by.

We have been encouraged by take up of the national campaign ‘Scotland is Stunning. Let’s keep it that way’ led by the Scottish Government and Zero Waste Scotland with our support, and are encouraging our partners, local authorities, schools and community groups to get involved in sharing the messages to #BinYourLitter and #TakeItHome to protect and enhance the places they care about.

Find out more about the messaging during #GBSeptemberClean here