Now published: Environmental Education and Outdoor Activities in association with the Countryside Education Trust

15 pages in total with the lead article from the Countryside Education Trust, in it they provide details of their work to give inner city children access to the countryside. Chris Mackie from Edinburgh University’s Moray House School of Education and Sport is working towards a PhD thesis which tries to document what happens when young children go outside in the hope of finding out how this relates to care for the natural world; Chris talks us through some of his work. Sarah Lawfull of Where the Fruit Is provides Forest School activities; we find out more about this method of learning. The National Association for Environmental Education (NAEE) has been supporting the work of schools and teachers since the 1960s; see what they have to offer. Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust runs family env ed events in a bid to foster nature connection; discover more about their Wildlife TOTS programme as well as their Young Naturalists initiative. The coast and beaches of the UK offer fantastic opportunities for environmental education; learn from Beach Academy Wales about the different ways you can engage young people with marine fauna and flora. Wild Ideas are able to help you plan an environmental education programme; read more about what you need to think about when setting one up. AndBreathe run outdoor sessions for teenagers and adults based on the principles of Forest School with the aim of supporting mental health and wellbeing; find out more. Finally Dave Gurnett, an Education Outreach Officer for the last 15 years and Ranger before that asks “Are we blindly betraying the environment we are trying to save?” This edition also carries adverts with suggestions for env ed during this current Covid-19 crisis along with companies offering help in the future.
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