After the Green End hens and their produce turned up on the Behind the Scenes / Meet the Team blogs the Iburndale ducks were feeling left out! and we can't have that: so please meet: Sebastian, Kelly, Zola, Daisy and Daffy (short for Daffodil).
Like so many of Tracey's animals they have a story. She found Sebastian wandering up and down the road one dark winter's evening.  When no one claimed him he took up residence at the stables, but was lonely so she sourced him a friend or two and along came Kelly and Zola. The trio of runners (yes, that's Coe, Holmes and Budd) were quite happy together. Daisy and Daffy arrived already with their names, they needed a new home when their previous owner was moving and well, if you've got three ducks what difference do two more make?