Switch off, tune out and refresh.

Technology is great (when it works!) but we're getting ever more reliant on our screens and devices to such an extent that scientists believe that we're changing our brains, transforming the way we think and remember.  In pre-google days to find the answer to a tricky question you looked it up in a book or asked an expert and if you're anything like me found out a load of other fascinating facts to file away for future reference. (More on this here).  It's changing our lives too, whilst it's good to have the latest news at our finger tips do we really need (or even want) to know the minutiae of each other's lives shared across social media? The impact of social media is becoming more obvious, the over reliance on sharing those details, the worry about how those posts will be received and for some the inevitable abuse hurled back by a faceless mob. (More here)

Today is a day to step back, take a breather and remind ourselves of the joy on an unplugged, unconnected life on this National Day of Unplugging.
An increasing awareness of the benefits of connections with nature and being outdoors for both physical and mental health is a welcome sign, in 2016 some of the first studies were being completed and this article by the Outdoor Recreation Network pulls together some of that research. 
CJS Focus on Greenspace looked at some of these benefits of greenspace and also the management of the space, see the articles in this edition here.
Rather than reading all of those right now, bookmark them for later and get out, enjoy the sunshine (whilst it lasts!) and marvel at the first green shoots of spring. Then come back refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day.